What is the Path of Friends?
A project to develop a history of friends for the past and future, while simultaneously beautifying the Kiddie Park for years to come. What if there was a place to come too, that forever reminded you of your days in Bartlesville, and Washington County? A Place to bring your children, or grandchildren? A Place where you could permanently be a part of the history of this area?

Such a place has existed in Bartlesville since 1947. Nestled comfortably in downtown Bartlesville, near Johnstone Park and the Caney River, is a very special place for children, known as The Kiddie Park!!! This little treasure has touched the hearts and lives of many little folks and their families through the years. It has become an historical landmark, all on its own.

Where is the Path of Friends & How can you get involved?

The Path of Friends is located towards the center of the Park in front and to the left of the concession stand as you enter the Kiddie Park from the main entrance.

Now you can have an engraved brick (or paving stone) bearing the name of a loved one, a special group, or event. In two different sizes and hundreds of styles.

Your lasting memorial will serve two purposes:

1. They create a memorial to which you can return for years to come. What better way to show how the Kiddie Park touched your life and the wonderful memories of having fun with your family and friends.

2. Proceeds from the sale of these commemorative bricks (or paving stones) will go toward park developments and the purchase and maintenance of rides. You will play an important role in creating the Path of Friends, which in the future will feature benches, waterworks, planters, trees, a gazebo and more. Making this a more comfortable, fun place for the community and visitors to gather for years to come.

Who can it be for,or represent?

You could give a commemorative brick paver for any number of people or occasions:

* Loved Ones
* Friends or Family who've passed on
* Employees
* Veterans
* Anniversaries
* Family Trees
* Special Occassions
* Events or Groups
* Business Logo
* Cattle Brands


What are the restrictions?

* Use only one character (letter, number, space or punctuation mark) per box.
* Information will be centered for you Print legibly exactly as you wish to have it appear on paver stone.
* Kiddie Park reserves the right to reject any inscription it deems inappropriate.
* Only one name or couple per paver stone (on 4x8 pavers only).
* A quality black and white copy of your logo or cattle brand must accompany those orders.


What are the prices?

* 4x8 Engraved Pavers $50 (or 3 for $135)
* Duplicates of your 4x8 Engraved Paver $20
* 12x12 Engraved Paver with Writing $250
* 12x12 Paver with Logo or Cattle Brand $350
* Duplicates of your 12x12 Engraved Paver $100 (Either Style)


Items other than Pavers?

The Kiddie Park has space for a number of additional commemorative items.,

These are subject to availability as space is limited and all commemoratives will be sold on a first come-first served basis.

Please contact the Kiddie Park for current availability.

The following is a list of commemorative items currently available: * Gazebo (limited to 1) $5000
* Waterworks (limited to 1) $2000
* Benches (each) $650
* Lights (each) $650
* Planters (each) $100
* Trees (each) $100


Can I decide specifically where it will be placed?

We regret that we will not be able to honor requests for placement of bricks in specific areas of the Park. However, we will attempt to group orders that come in together upon request.

So what's the next step?

Decide on the size of paver you would like to purchase, then simply print and complete the Path of Friends Order Form.

Return the completed form with enclosed payment to the Kiddie Park at your earliest opportunity, then visit us in about 4-6-Weeks, and see the immortalization of your gift to the Kiddie Park, and receive our thanks in person.
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Path of Friends

Order Form
Or,for additional details contact Ron Adams by phone at 918-519-9239 or email